Abraham "Abe" Jones

Art major


Abraham, Abe, is 26 years old, and grew up in a middle class home close by. His mom is a teacher and step-dad works as an editor for a sports magazine. He shares the home w two half-sisters. Abe’s real father died in the military when Abe was 6 and mom remarried about 2 years after. The military wouldn’t say really how he died, but after the family had banged their heads against the wall of silence from the military, they finally gave up and moved on.

Abe has always been very protective of his sisters and has taken care of them quite a lot, when his parents have been elsewhere busy.

For as long as Abe has known, hes had a desire to express himself creatively. The chosen major at the University is painting, but he dabbles in music, literature and acting too.

Abe works part-time as a bartender in a local bar, and that is where he met the others

Generally people get along well with him and he has no problems making new friends. At the moment he is between relationships. He falls in love with a person and not a gender, and therefor has been known to date both men and women.

Abraham "Abe" Jones

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