Zoe Shubrook

Musician, reader, art-lover, seeker


Zoe was adopted by upper class parents unable to conceive a child of their own but wishing for one very much. She was cared for and loved, a bit pampered maybe, being an only child. When she was accepted at the music conservatory she was ecstatic. When her parents recently died she was devastated.

Zoe was left with her parents’ large home which she avoids because of the memories, the large, high-ceiling flat she lives in, half-way between the conservatory and the center of town, and an enormous trust fund, from which she already receives many times more than she could spend every month.

While music and friends and her cat Random keep her afloat, she is drifting; not knowing what she really wants or sure about who she really is. She still has two years left at the conservatory, and at the moment she plans on following them through.

Zoe plays many instruments well, and she sometimes plays at Rainbow Café, mostly on jazz nights, or when a visiting band is lacking a member. Although she can sing and dance, she rarely does.

She also loves animals, arts, plants, and books. She posts photos of everyday things on the web almost every day, but not pictures of herself.



Zoe Shubrook

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